Thursday, September 13, 2012

My Vintage Shabby Haul From Junk Bonanza 2012

Hi Girls..

Would you like to see the goodies I found today at the annual Junk Bonanza event in Shakopee Minnesota?   This event is an antique/artisan event with lots of goodies to be found.  I even planned some of my vacation days around it to make sure I wouldn't miss it.

It was super crowded today.  Much worse than in the previous two years that I've gone.  Despite the huge crowd and cramped aisles and booths, I still managed to return home with quite a haul of goodies. 

Shall we take a look?   One of my favorite finds has to be this super cute and shabby altered letter "K" that is decoupaged with scraps of vintage wallpaper.  There was no way I could pass this up.  It is totally the kind of stuff I love.

Pretty trims on vintage thread spools.  These are very similar to ones I bought last year in the same booth.  The dealer even remembered me.  How funny is that ???  I guess I must have spent a lot of time in her booth that day. These I will just display as is in my craft room as they are too pretty to use.

I bought two different necklaces today.  One a pretty soldered charm necklace...

And one a key necklace with my initial.  Which goes perfectly with the outfit I am wearing today. Hence the reason for the headless picture of me..  LOL.

And some very pretty vintage light weight keys that I plan on turning into some charm necklaces...

Bingo cards, vintage scrabble tiles (my latest obsession) and a vintage button card with pretty lavender colored buttons..

Bags of pretty lace trims to use in my craft projects..

And some cute word cards that I can use in my craft projects as well..

I'm quite pleased with today's haul and I hope you enjoyed seeing it too..

Until next time...


Denise said...

You seem to have the same taste in little goodies as I have.I make the spools for My own enjoyment.I also collect all the other goodies too :) SO fun to know there are others like yourself.Denise


Hi Kim,
I went today too and I should have talked to you before as we could have meet each other today!
Love the K and I was looking for a D and didn't find any. I thought those were very cool! Nice necklace too!
Looking forward to seeing you on the 29th!