Sunday, January 3, 2010

Winter Doldrums.............

Yikes...... I can't believe it's been a whole week since I did my last post. Except for the crazy and busy week I had at work last week, I've been feeling extremely lazy and have had very little motivation to do much of anything, including blogging I guess.

It's seem the winter doldrums have hit me once again like they seem to do every year, so even trying to think up some ideas to blog about has been pretty hard.

I did make a trip to Michael's on Friday just to see if they had any "springy" things in the store that might help cheer me up a bit and maybe get me motivated to try and do a little bit of crafting of some kind and I did find a few cute things in my favorite pastel shades that will hopefully do the job.

Things like these pretty aqua colored, flower shaped ribbon embellishments with little rhinestones in the centers.....

I also picked up a few of these small white storage tins which are maybe 3 inches in height and have a clear lid that will work perfectly for storing my new embellishments, buttons, pins and all sorts of pretty doo dad's..

I jazzed them up just a bit by adding some pretty floral stickers to the outside of the tins. A very inexpensive and cute way to store smaller embellishments.

And of course, there's nothing that works better at cheering me up than a lovely bouquet of creamy pale pink roses, even if they aren't real. I'll be enjoying these for a very long time...

I wanted to do a little antique shopping this weekend, but it's been extremely cold here in Minnesota the past few days with temperatures struggling to make it into the single digits despite the abundant sunshine we've had, so except for a few short trips to run some errands, I've stayed indoors where it's nice and warm. Hopefully next weekend will be warmer so I can get out and do a little shopping.

Hope you've all been enjoying your weekend, even if you're being lazy like I have been. We all deserve a bit of down time after the hustle and bustle of the holidays.

See you soon!!


Anonymous said...

I too have been fighting
the "Winter Doldrums"!!
Yucky...cold... aaarrrrgh!!
Can't wait for Spring!!

Anonymous said...

Such pretties, Kim. I can always count on your blog to have the prettiest pictures of feminine, girly things I so enjoy looking at.
On a serious note, have you heard about the light bulbs doctors recommend for people who suffer from lack of Vita D (or something) during the long, cold winter months? It is a real thing.
You could probably find them by googling light bulbs.


Hi Kim,
I was inside for 2 days and went out today to bring more things to the antique store. Burrr
I cut my coupons today for M & J and will see if I buy anything.
Keep warm...
Deb :)

stefanie said...

after Christmas I think everyones ready for spring

Bluebell said...

Hello Kim, I too suffer from SAD syndrome which makes me feel yuk! in January and February. My daughter bought me a special lamp which makes you feel as though you are sunning yourself, it does help but all I really want is for March to come along so that I can get outside and feel really motivated again. I am making bunting for my daughters wedding at the moment so I have to give myself a kick up the backside to get going. Love Jillxx

Christie said...

Hey Kim,
Happy New Year to you sweetie...loved seeing how you display all of your pretty tea treasures in your hutch...I wish I could find a little hutch like that one! I will miss your tea tuesday posts, but i know you'll have something pretty still up your sleeve, and even if it's not about tea, it will sure to be pretty...always is over here. I always look forward to your posts, even if I do sometimes show up late! LOL!

Your little Christmas in a basket is precious, and so are your doilies in a basket...

Winter time is a great time to have some crafty fun... while spending so much time does lift our spirits, doesn't it? Those are such pretty tins and those aqua little flowers are darling too.

Hope you have a great week...bundle up and stay warm!
Big Hugs,

Nanette said...

Hi Kim,
Hope you're staying warm. The little tins turned out cute. We are still trying to recoup from the holidays and get into the swing again. I like your roses, you're right even if they aren't real they still brighten things up!