Thursday, June 27, 2013

Pinterest Inspired Crafting......

Hi Girls..

My name is Kim and I am a Pinterest addict.  

But that's a good thing I think because I have gotten so many great craft ideas as there is just so much inspiration out there when it comes to crafting ideas.  YouTube is another great place to go for inspiration and tutorials.

My latest project is a Pinterest and YouTube inspired paper bag mini album that I made using paper bags and scrapbook papers.  Six bags were used for this project. As recommended in several of the YouTube videos I watched, I chose to use the "Celebrate It" brand of paper bags from Michael's which are more a bit more sturdy than your standard lunch bags.

So without further ado, here is my first paper bag mini album from front to back...

I've made two of them so far and I love how both of them turned out. I can't wait to make more of them.  They were very easy to make and actually went together very quickly.

Definitely another fun project to make.

See you again soon!!!

Friday, June 21, 2013

My Latest Altered Thrift Store Find....

Hi Girls..

This is going to be one of those posts with lots of pictures so beware.

I recently altered a small boring wood planter box that I purchased at the Goodwill store for $2.99 using some spray primer, Martha Stewart craft paint and some pretty coordinating floral patterned scrapbook paper which I adhered with Modge Podge.

This was what it looked like when I first started, after sanding the planter...

The next step after spraying with primer was to give it two coats of Martha Stewart craft paint.  The paint color is called "Cloud"...

And to regress for just a moment, before starting anything, I first sized and precut all the paper pieces I would need.  Kind of like puzzle pieces waiting to be put together...

And to get back on track, once the paint was dry, I got out my trusty bottle of Modge Podge and adhered all the precut pieces into place.  And this is the end result...



This was definitely another fun alteration project and I hope you enjoyed seeing how it went from start to finish.

I'm going to keep this in my craft room to hold some of my crafting supplies.

See you again soon!!!

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Yikes... I Did It Again..


I can't believe I let a whole month go by without doing a blog post.  No excuses other than I was just pure lazy and had absolutely no motivation for blogging.  It seemed that the more time that passed, the harder it was to get back in the blogging groove again.

Well, I gave myself a kick in the rear end today and told myself to get out my camera, charge up those batteries and take some new pictures.

So, here I am once again to share with you a few of my latest artsy creations that I've made over the past month. 

First are a few more of my post card size altered art pieces.  These are the most fun, easy and fast things to make.

Just leftover scraps of pretty papers and fun embellishments.

All done using papers and embellishments that give them that vintage look I love.

Adding special touches with stamped tags and a little bit of bling...

I also completed another two page spread in the art journal I started using this mixed media art journal that I purchased at Walmart...

Well, that's all I have to share with you today.  I just hope I can start to keep up with this blogging thing again so that I don't stay away so long next time.
See you again soon!!!