Sunday, October 30, 2011

Oh Dear..........

It seems that just like many of you, I too seem to have become totally addicted to Pinterest..

That's right girls.  I signed up for Pinterest and I've become totally addicted to all the awesome creativity out there.  I could spend hours and hours everyday perusing through everyone's glorious Pinterest boards to get some great ideas for crafting, decorating, cooking or whatever may strike my fancy.

The first crafty idea I jumped on came from this idea (photo courtesy of Pinterest).. 

Wrapping your laces and trimps around some pretty paper covered pieces of cardboard which can be cut into whatever shape a person desires.

So using my not so great drawing skills, I drew my own template design, traced it onto a peice of heavy cardboard and I created these...


I must say, they did turn out quite cute and I will definately be making some more.

What another fun and simple idea.   I hope this inspires you to do something similar with your pretty laces and trims.

Come visit me on Pinterest and check out my Pinterest boards and become a follower if you haven't already.

Just try not to let the Pinterest addiction catch you too..

Saturday, October 22, 2011

No Fall Decor At My House...

Well, I'm feeling like I must be the only one out here in Blogland who hasn't been busy redecorating my house for Fall in all those browns, tans, blacks and orange colors. 

While I've loved seeing how all of you are readying your homes for Fall and Halloween, I'm just not a big fan of those darker, Fallish colors myself so it's still all about pretty pastels at my house.  Just like it is during the rest of the year.

So, while most of you are sharing beautiful Fall decor, I'm here to throw in some pinks, yellows, pale greens and light purple to mix things up.

Wishing you all a wonderful Fall weekend!!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Chipboard Mini Album...

Hey there girls..

Do you recall a few posts back where I gave you a sneak peak at another mini album I had just started working on? 

Well, I finished working on this one last weekend and sadly, it took me another full week to get pictures taken of it, but now I have and I'm here to share them with you.  So sit back, relax and I'll just let you enjoy a page by page stroll through the mini album.

And for those of you who asked me previously how I was planning on using the vintage Bingo cards that I purchased at Junk Bonanza last month in my craft projects, here's one way.  I altered both the front and back of this one and added it to my mini album.

It makes for a cute addition to the album don't you think?

Now, let's continue with the rest of the album shall we..

Well, I hope you enjoyed seeing my latest crafty creation.  I had fun making this one and don't laugh, but I've already started working on another one too.  I think I've become just a tad bit addicted to making these.

You'll get to see the new one when it's completed. 

Enjoy the rest of your weekend and I'll be back soon.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Happy Friday !!!

Hey there girls...

While I am totally dreading the upcoming long, cold and snowy winter months, I do have something to look forward to and that is to once again enjoy using my beautiful teapots to brew up some hot and tasty tea to chase the chill away....

That and some tasty freshly made scones still hot from the oven and I might actually forget for a short time just how nasty the weather outside may be.

But for the moment, I'm going to continue enjoying the gorgeous warm and sunny weather Mother Nature has blessed us with here in Minnesota this week.

Have a great day and a great weekend too !!