Saturday, October 22, 2011

No Fall Decor At My House...

Well, I'm feeling like I must be the only one out here in Blogland who hasn't been busy redecorating my house for Fall in all those browns, tans, blacks and orange colors. 

While I've loved seeing how all of you are readying your homes for Fall and Halloween, I'm just not a big fan of those darker, Fallish colors myself so it's still all about pretty pastels at my house.  Just like it is during the rest of the year.

So, while most of you are sharing beautiful Fall decor, I'm here to throw in some pinks, yellows, pale greens and light purple to mix things up.

Wishing you all a wonderful Fall weekend!!


Denise said...

Thank you for the pretty eye candy.That dusty lavender is my fave of all time.It's true, I don't go for pink,but give me dusty lavender anytime.Throw in a few other colors like teal and I'm swirling.

Doni said...

I'm like you! NO fall decorating, especially NO Halloween stuff. EVER! I hate the look and it's just not me. LOVE the pinks and purples, and your post is beautiful today! Such a beautiful time visiting your blog...everything is just gorgeous!
Blessings, Doni


Hi kim,
I sure do hope that we can meet and have do a little shopping before the snow comes!
The candy shop is off of 169 south, going to Emma Krumbee's store and apple orchard.
Looks like you are having lots of fun crafting!

Holly- Cutie Pie Cottage said...

Hi, Kim! I'm doing more traditional colors this year because it just seems right in a farm house- plus Micah really likes it. :) He despises my pink pumpkins. Ha-ha! (But he admits that my craft room is cute.)

The Pink Rose Cottage said...

I do like fall decorating, but just don't have the time to do it this year.

I also love to mix it up with a bit of "pink" fall too! Wilendur has a Chrysanthemum tablecloth that is pink and maroon with a touch of yellows. Perfect for a pink fall!


Shabby girl in PARIS said...

You're not alone ! I'm not decorating ma house in dark : I love only pink and white. Here in France we do not really any fall decorating. But, I have a white pumpkin !
Pleased to discover your blog...

cottasofia said...

I love pink decorating thanks for sharing.
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