Monday, May 10, 2010

Happy Birthday To Me ............

Well, technically it was a week ago today that I celebrated my birthday, but now I can show you what having that birthday and receiving the birthday money I received from my dear Mother allowed me to get.

Not that I needed any new throw pillows, but when I was in HomeGoods over the weekend and wandering past the section of the store where they have all the children's home decor items, I spotted these totally adorable toss pillows that are done in a patchwork design in my favorite faded shabby chic colors and they even have some roses on them too.

It wasn't until I brought them home that I realized the patchwork fabric design on the pillows matches almost perfectly my summer quilt that I use on my bed during the summer months. My bed is still wearing it's winter duvet at the moment, but here's a picture of my bed from last summer that shows the quilt I am referring to. How about that for nearly perfect match??

Thanks to my wonderful Mother, I now have some new toss pillows to display on my bed during the summer. Aren't they lovely? The colors couldn't be more perfect in my opinion.

Speaking of Mother's, my siblings and I had a wonderful day yesterday spending time with our Mother on Mother's Day. I haven't given any updates on my Mom lately, but for those of you who may recall that my Mother slipped and fell on the ice at the end of January breaking her left hip, she is doing totally AWESOME!!. Except for a bit of stiffness now and then, she is pretty much back to 100% and has not had any difficulties going back to her normal routine. She's just being alot more cautious than she was before and making sure she isn't doing anything she shouldn't be doing. We are all so thankful that her recovery has gone as well as it did and that she can continue enjoying the active life she did before her injury. All those prayers we sent out must have been answered.

Time to start getting dinner ready so I must say goodbye for now. Have a great week and I'll be back soon.


Unknown said...

High 5 for Mother! Glad she's doing better.

Love those pillows, I think I saw them at our HG here. Great bedroom decor.

Have a wonderful week.
TTFN ~ Hugs, Marydon

Karen said...

Kim! SO glad your Mom is doing so well! That is awesome.
LOVE the pillows! Isn't it funny how sometimes just work out . . .
WHen is your birthday? Mine was on the 2nd? Is yours the 3rd? HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! Isn't May just the best?
HAGD! Karen


The pillows are just perfect and Happy Belated Birthday..
I'm also glad that your Mom is doing well..yes..those prayers did help :)
Isn't this weather just ICKY!!! I still have the furance on...I don't like being COLD.
Deb :)

fitty's pinky rose cottage said...

Happy belated Birthday dear Kim and many happy returns! and the pillows look fab on your bed! Am so glad that your mom is doing great! take care & have a good week!

Crystal Rose Cottage said...

Kim....Perfect match and Happy Birthday to you! Happy to hear your mom is doing so well!~Patti

Debbie-Dabble Blog and A Debbie-Dabble Christmas said...

Wonderful pillows and what a great match to your summer bed linens!! They will just be perfect!!
Everytime I hear of the great things someone buys at Home Goods, I want to cry!! No Home Goods here!! Boo Hoo!!
Glad to hear your Mom is doing well.

Cindy@shabbynsweet said...

Hi Kim, so glad to hear your Mum is doing better. Love the cushions. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you. Hope you had a wonderful birthday. spoiling yourself. That's what birthdays are all about!!!

My Whimsical Victorian Chic Cottage said...

Just love all of your pretty pillows and beautiful glad I found it...keep up to great work!

Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage said...

Hi Kim,
Your pillows are wonderful and do match your duvet beautifully. So happy for you! A belated Happy Birthday to you too!
Glad your mom is feeling well and getting back to normal! My mother fell and broke her hip a year ago and had to have surgery to replace it. She is very frail and had two surgeries since that so she's not doing as well as I'd like to see.
Have a wonderful day and thanks for sharing.


Ginger said...
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Ginger said...

I made a mistake on the last comment I tried to make to you. I was telling you how wonderful your blog is and I love the pillows you bought as a gift from your Mom. Just love the bedspread also. Hope you will come by and see me too.

glitter and roses

SUESAFIA said...

Happy Belated Birthday Kim!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Kim,
Happy belated B-Day!! What wonderful nice of your mom.:)
Thanks for visiting my blog and the nice comments about my kitchen. It's nice to find people who enjoy the same things as you.
Have a great day!! :) ~ Jo

blessings said...

I wish we had a Home Goods near us. I've never been in one but I see all the LOVELY stuff on the blogs and want so bad to visit! Glad your mom is doing ok!! Moms are such a blessing to grown up daughters. My mom is my best girlfriend. She would LOVE your pillows! Blessings... Polly

Judith Tetley said...

Hi Kim, I have just enjoyed a visit to your blog...very pretty. I love the things you find when you are out and about. Not much around here where I love...unfortunately!
Kind Regards

Nishant said...

Wonderful pillows and what a great match to your summer bed linens!
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