Saturday, March 10, 2012

Pretty Trims And A Big Mess....

Hey there girls..

The weekend is upon us and I am so glad.  It's going to be a gorgeous day here in the Minneapolis area with sunny skies and temps around 60 degrees.  Crazy for mid-March for sure, but I am definitely not going to complain about this kind of weather.

Something else that is gorgeous is my vintage sewing box drawer full of pretty trims that I've been collecting to use in my crafting projects.   Aren't they pretty?

While they may be, the reality of my crafting endeavors usually leaves my crafting table looking like this..

I should be embarrassed to show this picture, but I think all of you crafters out there probably live with the same kind of mess so I'm not going to feel guilty over it.  One has to make a mess to create something pretty.

Well, I'm off to enjoy the day, hopefully with a stop at Archiver's scrapbook store to check and see if they may have any pretty new scrapbooking papers just waiting for me to bring them home to add to my mess of crafting stuff.

See you soon!!


Holly- Cutie Pie Cottage said...

A very, very pretty mess! Enjoy your day! ♥

my cup of tea said...

Just when we think 'only me' thanks for sharing!

Rose Garden Romantic said...

Yes, it does make a huge mess every time we make something pretty, doesn't it? At least it's a beautiful mess!


I think all "creative" minds have a craft table like yours!
Lovely day, indeed!

Lavecinita said...
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Lavecinita said...

I love those messes, have everything turns, until I find decorative, do not feel bad, they are precious.

Debbie-Dabble Blog and A Debbie-Dabble Christmas said...

I think it is quite pretty with so much eye candy to feast one's eyes on!!


monah said...

Hi Kim,
Just stopping by to say hello. Your blog is always so pretty to look at & fun to see what you are doing.
Visit me too when you can.

Karin said...

lol....your messy desk looks pretty!

ranch house plans said...

Gorgeous! A tedious job but worth it.

ViLmus said...

Hello! I'm strolling through your blog for over an hour! lol ...
everything is shabby chic, delicate and cozy :)
I want to keep in contact with you :)
I invite you to my page and to my blog :)
Greetings from Chile.