Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Teacup Tuesday - Week 13

Hello my sweet friends....

It's time once again for another "Teacup Tuesday" where I continue sharing photos of the many teacups that I have collected over the past 20 years or so.

This week, I am sharing a lovely "Rosina" teacup that is covered in a beautiful and delicate rose pattern. This teacup has a somewhat different shape than the others in my collection and because of that, I find it to be even more special.

Besides the teacup itself, you are also getting a sneak peak once again at some of my vintage crocheted doilies and potholders. The colors of them are perfectly suited to most of my teacups. I use them while taking my pictures to bring out certain colors in the floral patterns of the teacup. This time, I used both a larger pink doily and a blue & cream potholder. The blue potholder lets the blue in the floral pattern of the teacup "pop" and stand out a little more.

One of my visitors last week mentioned that she would like to see how I display all of my teacups. As much as I would love to be able to show her, it's almost impossible to do that as my collection of teacups is not all in one location. They are scattered between a small china hutch in my dining room, several cupboards in my kitchen, a larger china hutch in my family room downstairs, and as much as I hate to say this, a few are even tucked into a drawer for storage as I just don't have anymore room to display them all at once.

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Until next time....


Holly- Cutie Pie Cottage said...

That *is* a different shape. It looks like it would hold more tea than usual- maybe a tea mug? ☺

Looks like you have your plate on a pretty plate stand, too! Thanks for showing us your wonderful collection!

Jocelyn said...

Very lovely teacup. Beautiful rose design. I love the filigree pattern along the top of the cup and the edges of the saucer. Very dainty.

fitty's pinky rose cottage said...

Hi Kim.. wow.. what a beauty! your teacup! love the delicate pattern on the cup & saucer.. I think all your teacup photos would look great if you could do it in mosaics.. that way, we got to know how many teacups you have in your collection! hehehehe.. just my two cents thought.. hehehe.

have a great week Kim..

Sammy Girl said...

Hi, Kim!

I am back in town (actually was home then went to Seattle to move Pink Princess!) ... looking forward to seeing all the past posts of teacups and snapping some pictures so I can join in the sharing!


Betty :)

Katie said...

The doily really does pull the blue out, love those little dainty blue flowers! Happy Teacup Tuesday!

Julia said...

I love the tea cup, saucer, doily, and pot holder. I just left an antique store where I bought a platter, bowl, and cookie jar for my daughters. I also purchased an antique pillowcase that I plan to turn into an apron for a dear friend. I also purchased a crocheted very large doily or small table cloth? I'm not sure which, but I am sure it is beautiful and will incorporate very nicely into a dress for one of my grand daughters. I am helping host a brides maid luncheon for my niece and am thinking of giving tea cups and saucers as gifts to the invitees. The store I was in today had some very pretty ones. I have a few that were in my family. I love them. I'm really into bowls though.

Julia said...

You have a new follower

Nanette said...

Beautiful, just beautiful!

Lady Pamela said...

Thanks for hosting again, Kim. It is alot of fun.

Bunny said...

Love your teacup and thank for hosting this is such fun on Tuesdays.

Sandi said...

Very pretty teacup Kim. AND gorgeous rose finds at the dollar store! I saw those same flyswatters. I think I need to get me one too!!

debi said...

That teacup is soooo beautiful, I almost hurt my chin when my jaw dropped!! I love it!

Tanza said...

Hi Kim,
What a beautiful collection you have.. I know the feeling soo well, of having too many.. I have to tuck mine into crazy places, cuz I too just run out of room..Yours are truly beautiful !! Thanks for sharing Kim.. Have a happy rest of your week !! Blessings and hugs ~tea~xo

Jean Tuthill said...

Hi Kim, Thanks for your visit and you sweet comments. I love your teacup, the pattern is so pretty and I love the shape of the cup. I love teacups, too, and I have a few of them, right now on my mantle in the living room. I also have a teapot with roses on it and I have that on the mantle, too. I also have some silver teaspoons and a strand of pearls. I love that--it's so feminine and pretty. I can't wait to see more of your teacups.

parTea lady said...

That is a lovely teacup. I think the shape is wonderful and the gold filigree pattern is outstanding.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful post... I have some pedistal tea cups & I think they are so-o-o-o elegant!! Yours goes so beautifully with the doilies!!
Have a wonderful day!!