Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Teacup Tuesday - Week 15

Hello Ladies and Happy "Teacup Tuesday" to all of you.

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and an early start to your week. My weekend was nice and relaxing after doing a little overtime work from home early Saturday morning. The weather here in Minnesota wasn't the greatest though between the rain on Saturday and what felt like hurricane force winds on Sunday, so instead of spending time outside like I was hoping to, most of the time was spent in the house cleaning, organizing and working on my Decorating Scrapbooks which I haven't done in quite some time.

If you are a newer visitor to my blog and you are wondering what my "Decorating Scrapbooks" are, click here to read one of my older posts from last year where I shared about how I turn stacks of decorating magazines into personalized Decorating Scrapbooks just for me.

Now, on to the purpose of today's post....This weeks offering for Teacup Tuesday is a lovely Regency English Bone China teacup that I found in a wonderful Antique & Gift shop located just across the border from Minnesota in the charming town of Osceola Wisconsin. Osceola sits along the St. Croix River which divides the states of Minnesota and Wisconsin.

Osceola is less than an hours drive from my house, so I try and get there a few times a year. I discovered this shop about 3 years ago after finding their business card displayed in an antique store I frequently visit in Stillwater Minnesota. As I'm always on the hunt for new antique shops to visit, I knew it was definitely worth checking out and boy was I ever glad that I did, because the gift shop part of the store has a wonderful selection of gorgeous teapots and teacups and I knew right away that I would love visiting this shop over and over again.

While I do have matching teapots for several of my teacups, sadly, I don't have one for this teacup, although the funny things is, my younger sister does. My sister had found a teapot with this same floral pattern years ago either at TJ Maxx or Marshall's. I wonder if she would ever be willing to give me her teapot so that I will have matching set. Maybe someday she will give it to me as a surprise gift.

As always, thanks for stopping by for a visit. Please continue with your Teacup Tuesday journey and pay a visit to these lovely ladies to see what they are sharing for Teacup Tuesday this week. They would love to have you stop by for a visit.

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Sadly, Katie from Rose Breeze Boutique won't be joining us this week as her Mother-In-Law passed away on Saturday and she wasn't able to get a post ready for today. Please stop by Katie's blog anyway to extend your condolences. I'm sure she would love to hear from you.

Have a great week and come back again next week to see what Teacup I will be sharing next time....


Bunny said...

Good Morning Kim, your teacup is really beautiful I love the softness of the flowers. Your blog always gives me a comfy feeling.

Jocelyn said...

Oh my what a beautiful teacup! I hope you will acquire the teapot one day.

Brenda said...

That is a really beautiful teacup. I collect teacups and have more than one hundred sets but my favorites are the ones with pink roses. And in your previous post, the magnet with the two babies in a teacup is absolutely darling. I am still working on my teacup blog but please feel free to check out my blog on painting. I am so glad I found your blog.

Nanette said...

Hi Kim, your teacup this week is really beautiful. That's fun that your sister has a teapot that matches. I wish I had gotten a post together for this week, luckily there is still next week! Off to see the other posts..

Pink Roses and Teacups said...

Hi Kim,

Oh what a pretty teacup! I just clicked on your link to read about your decorating books. What a wonderful idea! I am going to do this too! Do you use Blogger to do your posts? I would love to put up some pretty pictures like you have on the side. Could you drop me a note when you get a chance? I could use some help in figuring how to get them up. Thanks so much Kim. I see we have so much in common. :)

Lady Pamela said...

Such a pretty, delicate pattern. I really like it.
I'm going over now to see your past post about the Decorating Scrapbook.

Holly- Cutie Pie Cottage said...

Good morning, Kim! ♥ I don't know WHY I don't ever make it by here on a TUE!

This week's tea cup is soooo lovely! So delicate! (I hope your sister reads your blog!)

I grew up in Washington state and there was a farming section of my town which was refered to as "Ocseola". Norwegian (?) settlers, I think?

Katie said...

Lovely post! Maybe I can catch up this week with the TT posts. Thanks for your kind words. We said goodbye to a wonderful woman, 87 years and loved by all.

npm said...

hi Kim, i stumble upon yr blog by chance & i really like it. i adore this pretty teacup of yrs. you are lucky to have access to it as there are many such shops in the US. unfortunately, as much as i love collecting pretty rose flower teacups and teapots, they are very limited in where i live. and many stores in the US do not ship to overseas.