Saturday, December 5, 2009

It's Beginning to Feel a Bit Like Christmas....

Happy Saturday Girls!!

I hope you are having a wonderful day today and enjoying the excitement of getting everything ready for Christmas. It's beginning to feel a bit more like Christmas in my part of the country as the temps are getting colder and we are starting to see some light snow off and on here in Minnesota. The sun in shining nice and brightly this morning though, although its still very cold with the current temp only being 16 degrees. Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

I enjoyed my vacation from work this week, despite the not so perfect weather. Days of being lazy, visiting my favorite antique shops, going to my nieces school one day to have lunch with her in a lunchroom full of very noisy third graders and the best day was yesterday as I did some power Christmas shopping with my Mom and my younger sister. Almost halfway done with my shopping in just one day. Woo Hoo!! That money was just flying out of my wallet.

Of course, I had to by a few little presents for myself this week too and I did that without even having to dip into my Christmas funds. Over the past year, I had been saving all my loose change in a pretty little round storage box and as it was getting pretty full and quite heavy, I decided it was the perfect time to take it into the bank and turn it into some dollar bills to use for fun money. As I dumped the coins in the change counting machine and hit the "Start" button for the machine to begin counting, the smile on my face kept getting bigger and bigger as the dollar amount went higher and higher until it reached a final total of just a little over $102 dollars. Wow!!. It's amazing to think that all of those small bits of change I dump out of my wallet can turn into so much after a few months.

I put that money to good use, starting with these little gems. A Royal Albert "American Beauty" sugar and creamer set. A sweet addition to my collection of pretty china pieces.

They even look a little Christmasy too with the darker shades of pink that look almost red and with the green leaves..

Found some other really cute and pretty things too that I'll be sharing in the days to come.

For now though, I'm off to do some more Christmas shopping, this time by myself. Have a great weekend and stay warm!!


Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage said...

Hi Kim,
Oh, I just love your creamer and sugar! They are so pretty, and they show so well. What fun it will be to use those. I love them!! Thanks for sharing and have a wonderful Pink Saturday.


Sandi said...

Very pretty sugar and creamer Kim!!

I just love cashing in change and having a nice amount to spend. Isn't it great? And we don't miss that loose change rattling around in our pockets or purses do we??

fitty's pinky rose cottage said...

Kim.. this is my fave dishes.. Royal Albert American beauty.. I have few saucers, creamer and trios of this pattern and soon I am gonna receive the whole set of dinningware and teaset.. I just can't wait.. I shall share with you the photos once I got it after Christmas.. hehehe

don't you just love fun money like this?! hehehehe

have a great day!

Holly- Cutie Pie Cottage said...

Merry christmas to Kim! Very pretty present ya got there!

I have never used a change machine before. we do it the hard old fashioned way- rolling it by hand!

andsewon said...

Kim...they really are so pretty.
I have some change that I need to get changed into bills also.
Hope I am as lucky as you!! I will save mine for Mid-Atlantic Quilt in Feb though...;-)
Happy shopping.


Hi Kim,
Very NICE gift that you bought for yourself. I must admit I enjoy buying myself treasures too!!
Cold today...I'm freezing!
After all the holiday hussle and bussle I'd love to get together!
Happy Weekend.
Stay Warm,
Deb :)

Mary said...

Hi Kim,

RA's America Beauty is really beautiful...I'm glad you found these great pieces. I've often thought about getting a teacup in this pattern, but I have so many, I feel guilty...silly me! We have often saved over $100 in change, and use it for Christmas gifts, so I just might follow your lead!

I can't believe I missed the last two TTT's, but I'll be joining you this Tuesday for sure...its one of my favorite many beautiful tea goodies to see.

Take care, and God bless!


Anonymous said...

Oh Kim, what pretty Royal Albert china! How spectacular you got to purchase it for yourself with spare change ;) What a treat!
16 degrees! Whew, that's cold! Have fun shopping again today :)
Hugs and Happy Christmas~

debi said...

Ooooh! Love your cream and sugar set. The colors are so pretty!

Unknown said...

Great saving ... and great shopping!! Well done :-)

Nanette said...

Very pretty. I have not yet seen anything by Royal Albert that I wouldn't love to have, these beautiful pieces included! Have fun shopping.

Barbara said...

Kim, Beautiful cream and sugar. It is even looking like Christmas in Texas, we had some snow on our way to Galveston for Dickens on the Strand. It is as cold here, but it is cold for us.

Glad you enjoyed your week.