Sunday, February 7, 2010

I'm So Excited..........

I'm so excited and will have to start being good girl and saving my money because come June, I get to take a short trip to California with my Mom and older sister for a family reunion.

The family reunion is being hosted by my cousin and her daughter who live in Rio Linda, near Sacramento.

We will leave Minneapolis on a Thursday morning and come back home the following Monday. Only a five day trip but it will be lots of fun as we will get to see lots of family members that we haven't gotten to see for several years. We would love to be able to stay longer, but we just can't afford to what with the cost of the airline tickets, hotel room and renting a car.

If time allows and I am able to, I hope to find a few antique shops to visit during my trip so if any of my blog readers live near or are familiar with the Rio Linda/Sacramento area and know of some great antique shops in that area, please let me know.

I hope you are all enjoying your weekend. For those of you living on the East coast, I hope you are digging yourself out of all of that snow that fell over the past few days. We are in for more snow here in Minnesota today, tomorrow and Tuesday, but it will be nothing compared to what the East coast has received. It will be enough though to make the drive to work and back home again tomorrow not so fun. Is winter ever gonna end???



Hi Kim,
Sounds wonderful...I haven't vacationed for a couple of years.
We'll be up in your neck of the woods for a super bowl part later today. Hubby said we can stop in Anoka and visit a couple antique stores first!! It's a good day!

Maybe you can meet some bloggers on your vacation too!

Anonymous said...

What wonderful opportunity for you! I hope you can find some time to "shop"!!

Cottage Rose said...

Hi Kim; Oh how exciting,,,,, how wonderful to be able to go and see family that you have not seen for yrs... what memories you will have.... have a great week.... stay warm and safe..


Barbara said...

Kim, I am eescited for you...what a wonderful thing to look forward to. Save those pennies.


Nanette said...

Hi Kim,
That sounds like so much fun and it sounds like fun planning a trip like that during these last months of winter. What a good idea!

Carol said...

Hi Kim,
I Have so enjoyed your glad I found you. I wanted to share a wonderful store with you in case you get even remotely close to Walnut creek. It is probably more than an hours drive from where you will be but well worth it IF you will be there on that particular weekend. This store is only open one weekend a month but has fabulous finds! Carol