Thursday, February 4, 2010

Some Of My Favorite Decorating Books....

Just a glimpse of some of my favorite decorating books that fill a few of my bookshelves.

Except for my recent purchase of Rachel Ashwell's new Shabby Chic book, it seems like forever since I've added any to my collection as there just aren't that many good ones out there anymore that feature the vintage/cottage/shabby chic style that I love so much and have yet to tire of.

Does anyone besides me feel the same way? It has really made me wonder over the past few years why there are fewer and fewer interior decorating books being published when there are still so many simply gorgeous homes yet unseen in the book/magazine world. Blogland alone is filled with hundreds of them that could fill page after page of books or magazines. Yet when it comes to magazines, it seems that I keep seeing the same homes featured over and over again. I swear, there have been times when over the course of maybe a year, I'll see the same home featured in two or three different magazines.

Can't these magazine publishers come up with something fresh and new to show instead of just passing on the photos to the next magazine to use a few months later?

All I can say is thank goodness for the world of blogs that lets me continue to see ever changing, fresh and new things all the time.


debi said...

I've gotten to the point where I don't buy books and magazines like I used to because I can see so much more online. I LOVE the www.

fitty's pinky rose cottage said...

looks like we have the same books! like Debi, I hardly buy any decor books unless the books really speak to me! hehehhe... same goes with home decor magazines.. coz overtime, you tend to see same photos from the books, magazines and also for the net..

rosenresli said...

Hello Kim,

I feel the same. I love shabby chic decorating books and have some of them, but in the blogworld I can see so many pretty different homes with so fantastic ideas that I`m happy to find the interesting blogworld. And a home filled with old nostalgic things is much cozier and warmer and friendlier than a home with furnitures from a catalogue.
Do you know Fifi´s Blog? She works for the magazine "Romantic Homes" and her blogging allows her to find so many beautiful homes which she featured in the magazine. If you don´t know her blog (it is really worth to see) you can find her blog-adress in the sidebar under "links" in my own blog.

Lovely greetings from rainy germany,


Cindy@shabbynsweet said...

I agree kim about the mags. Maybe all us ladies here should email some of these mags and tell them to contact some of the owners of the beautiful homes we see here in blogland. Wouldn't that be refreshing. There is a treasure trove of gorgeous homes just waiting for people to admire.

Anonymous said...

I hear you there, sister!

I think that the blog world is taking over! I get my eye candy fill of interiors online now...but I know what you mean...I will always love the smell of a fresh printed, inky magazine filled with gorgeous pretties to look at!

come see me sometime...

ciao bella...

The Vintage Vagablonde said...

I sometimes wonder if people do not send their own homes in.....or maybe they are approached by the magazine?

I think a lot send pictures but only a few are selected.

I adore my decor books and magazines....I do agree that some homes are featured quite often.

Blog land is a great source of inspiration and it is so fun to visit the beautiful homes :)