Thursday, October 14, 2010

Not So Pretty.....

Hey there girls.... Happy Thursday!!

I know you probably stopped by today hoping to see something pretty as that is usually what I try and share with you as I know that's what most of us here in blogland like to see, but I'm gonna shake things up a bit today and share a bit of "UGLY" with you instead.

I mentioned in one of my posts last week that I live in a townhouse development and I share a common driveway area with three other homeowners and at the time I mentioned that, I didn't show pictures of the driveway area as it's not a very pretty sight. Well, today, that sight is even worse.

The town home association is having new driveways installed for all of the homeowners as some of the driveways were in extremely bad shape (mine was not so bad..). When I left home this morning to go to work, I had a normal, fairly decent driveway. It was another story when I returned home from work.

This is what my driveway looks like now as you look at the different views from my front steps....

See those cars parked in the street???

That is the new temporary parking spot for all of the homeowners for the next 10 days until we can start parking in our garages again. What a joke that is going to be. Living on a cul-de-sac shaped like a circle and having all the cars parked out there is creating quite the mess and confusion. Thank goodness we have no snow in the forecast as that would create an even bigger mess and an even bigger parking problem.

This section below is what they refer to as the "turnaround" and gives just a bit of extra parking space for visitors... A direct view and just a few short feet from my front steps.

The picture below shows the view looking straight across my driveway and out the big picture window in my living room. Not much to see except for an exact replica of my townhouse. It's definitely not the best of sights but I've gotten used to it. Can you understand better now why I'm not so thrilled with the view?
A close up shot of what it looks like in front of my garage door. It's a bit hard to tell from the photo, but there is now about a six inch drop from the lip of the garage floor to the unpaved driveway which of course means no parking in the garage..

It's pretty UGLY ain't it? And this is just day one of our driveway makeover. Tomorrow they will be back here to level and grade the driveways and then on Monday they will return to put the new blacktop down. Even after they get the new blacktop down, we are restricted from driving on the new driveways and parking in our garages for a full seven days which means I am without a garage for the next ten days.

What a bummer that is going to be. I am so spoiled having a garage to park in at home and covered parking in our office building at work that I haven't had to scrape frost or snow off my car in close to eight years. I think I'll be safe from the snow, but with it being mid October here in Minnesota, frost in the mornings is a definite possibility. Better go hunt down my window scraper in case I need it.

I promise next time you come visit, I'll have something more interesting and definitely a lot prettier to share with you..

Until then, take care and enjoy the rest of your week.

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Nanette said...

Oh I hate it when stuff like that happens. We did have just a touch of frost on our car window yesterday so hope it doesn't dip too low before you are able to get your car in the garage again. Very annoying situation, I feel for you!