Friday, October 1, 2010

Seriously Lacking....

Ok... We all know that I love my pretty pastels and often refer to myself as being the "Pastel Queen", and it's because of that, I feel a bit out of place at this time of year when all of the fun and cute Halloween decor starts popping up all over blogland.

I even took a look at things around my house and couldn't find much of anything that even remotely comes close to be Halloween related. In fact, I could hardly find anything in the color black except for a few things, that are in no way related to the holiday, but could be a bit scary for a pastel loving girl like me.

The one BIG black thing I do see on a daily basis and without it could not enjoy my time in blogland is my big black "monster" of a computer. This thing can be a bit "scary" at times when it starts making wierd noises and doing wierd things.

I so wish that this "scary" looking monstrosity could magically turn white overnight, or better yet, maybe even a pretty pale pink. Now wouldn't that make it look so much better? It sure would in my eyes.

And then, there is it's companion, the black office chair that I spend way too much time in some days. It's a comfy chair though which is a good thing considering I spend eight hours or more in it some days on the days I work from home. It just needs a bit of a makeover.

Goodness, I just realized looking at the photo that it sure is an old one. Notice that in this picture, I still had my old computer with the big old clunky monitor. Yikes... How many of you save your old blog photos like I do?

Do any of you crafty girls out there sew slipcovers that would fit an office chair like this one? I sure would like something pretty that I could cover it up with and still keep it functional.

And then of course, there's that other black "monster" that resides upstairs in my living room and just so happens to be my second favorite electronic device.....

Oh look..... After a bit of hunting, I found a picture of something black that I actually consider to be pretty if you can believe it. It's my black and floral teacup. Ladies, do you know that this is the very first teacup that I ever purchased in my life? This is not scary at all.

Yep, that's right. The very first. I think I was probably only about 20 years old or so when I bought this and it was just the beginning of my life long obsession with pretty china and all things related to tea.

Well, I know this post included a bit of mindless rambling, but that's how my brain seems to be functioning lately. Scatterbrained is a word that comes to mind.

Anyways, I hope you've all been having a great week and that you have lots of fun plans for the weekend. I myself have none at the moment, besides doing some more blog hopping and checking out all of the real Halloween decor there is to see out there. Might even have to hit the stores this weekend to see if I can scrounge up a bit of real Halloween themed decor.



Hi Kim,
You can do Halloween with white pumpkins!!! and I bet fall in pastels too...hope you find some great treasures. I'm be home doing the projects that must get done before the girlfriend weekend.
deb :)

Renegades said...

I have a weakness for dishes also. But my weakness tends to be clear or red. I love candy dishes. I love pretty serving bowls. Yeah it's a sickness. :)