Saturday, February 25, 2012

What I've Been Up To....

Hey there girls...

I've returned once again from the land of the lost where I've been busy creating away.  Boy, when that crafting bug takes hold, it doesn't want to let go..

I've got lots of goodies to show and I'll be breaking it up into a few separate posts so as not to bore you too much all at once.

First up is a couple more of my altered chipboard wall hangings.  You'll see that I took a bit of a leap on these two and threw some browns into my creation, something I haven't done very much of in the past.

The next wall hanging also has some brown scraps added to it as well..

I'm not sure if all you other crafters out there are like me, but I tend to keep even the smallest pieces of scrap paper as long as they are still usable and can be worked into later crafting projects.  I just hate to throw anything away when I think it may be used sometime down the road.  Besides, that scrapbook paper isn't always cheap and I want to make sure I use as much of it as I can to get my monies worth out of it.

I keep the larger scraps in a pretty floral paper covered box I purchased at Home Goods about 2 years ago.  You can find similar ones at Michael's.  They work great for keeping all those bits of paper in a somewhat organized manner.

The smaller scraps I keep handy in this vintage  covered powder container.  I just love the pale yellow color of this and the embellished knob..

Well, that's all for today.  I'll be back again soon to share some more of my creations with you.

See you soon!!

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Anonymous said...

I am mostly a needle crafter & I too keep all the sraps I could ever possibly use!!
Love your creations!!
Have a Wonderful Day!!