Wednesday, October 10, 2012

A New Creation....

Hi Girls...

Well, after I made the tag I showed in my last post, I returned to my craft room and made another shabby vintage looking wall hanging.

I may be a bit partial to my own craftiness, but I think this one turned out very pretty and I'm going to find a spot in my craft room to display it.

I chose a pretty blueish/green colored paper for the back group, but this time, I stepped out of my pink zone for a change and decided to use a bit of lavender when choosing the color for the accent paper and embellishments.  It may be a bit hard to tell from the picture as it was getting dark out and the lighting in my craft room wasn't the best, but the lavender color compliments the color of the dress one of the ladies in the image I used is wearing.

Now, I just hope my mojo sticks around so I can create some more new things to share with you.

See you again soon!!

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