Monday, April 29, 2013

Oh My........

I guess I took a bit of a blog break didn't I?

Well, I'm sorry for being away for so long, but I just didn't feel like I had much worthwhile to share so I kept letting more and more time go by without updating my blog with a new post.   But I'll make up for it today as I have several different things to share today.

Haven't been doing anything too exciting.  Just playing in my craft room making all sorts of new things.  These are just a couple of my new creations.

A spring themed wall hanging..

And a pretty new altered spool.....

And then despite a major snow storm swirling through Minnesota mid-day on the first day of the event, I still managed to attend the much anticipated spring Junk Bonanza event that I had been looking forward to all winter.  I wasn't going to let the weather stop me.  It was definitely worth the white knuckle drive home through the rain, sleet and snow as I snagged myself some awesome new and vintage treasures.

My first copy of the Jeanne D' Arc Living magazine.  Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous magazine.  One that I think will become one of my favorites, right up there with Somerset Life.

A beautiful floral vintage vase (a steal at just $5.00)....

A bag of lavender with a few lace trimmed vintage clothespins tucked inside..

A vintage sewing drawer.

Two vintage spools wrapped with more vintage trims..

A few more small flashcards to use in my craft projects.

And a darling market bag made from a vintage tablecloth and lined in pink polka dot fabric..

Junk Bonanza is definitely an amazing event and I am so glad that I live close enough to attend this event.  I'm already looking forward to the next one in September.

Well, I know that's a lot for one day, but I hope it makes up for my lack of posts lately.

Thanks for stopping by for a visit.

See you again soon!!!!

P.S. Sorry for all the shadows in my pictures. I took these with my iPod when the lighting in the room wasn't the best.

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WOW, you went to the JB during the winter storm! Awesome! Looks like you found some nice treasures! Sweet tag and spoolie that you made.
I'm just so happy that SPRING is here!!!