Thursday, April 2, 2009

How Cute Are These ?

I’ve become obsessed with a new collection.

Awhile ago, I showed some pictures of a few “Baby” planters that I had found in the antique and thrift stores. Ever since then, I’ve been on the hunt for more and over the past two weeks, I’ve been lucky enough to find several of them and at a very good price. They only cost around $5.00 a piece and some were even on sale for 20% off. Can’t beat that. So for around $20, I now have added four new Baby planters to my collection.

The first one is in the shape of an old fashioned bassinet…

The next three were all found in the same antique shop in a case full of Baby planters. There were so many too choose from in so many different styles, but these were the ones I was most drawn to. Sorry that the colors aren't better. I have such a hard time with my camera sometimes trying to get the sharpness and color quality I want no matter how may adjustments I try and make.

A little buggy shaped planter with pink, blue and yellow flowers…

A pink, blue and yellow planter in the shape of a dress….

And finally, a planter in the shape of a baby’s bootie, with just a touch of pink and blue….

These may be the last planters that I will add to my collection as I am definitely running out of room to display all of my new found treasures, but you never know. I may add more of them if I find one or two that I just can’t pass up.

Oh my, I also just realize that this is my 50th blog post. Yippee for me!!!

Sorry, no fun giveaways or anything like that. That will have to wait until some other time. I'm just amazed at how much fun I've had blogging and getting to meet so many wonderful new people and being able to share with you my passion for collecting and decorating my home. What a fun journey this has been.


Pink Slippers said...

I have just discovered baby planters from my local thrift store. They really are a fun thing to collect. I was thinking of buying some sweet flowers from Michaels to put in them for the baby nursery. Yours are adorable.

Holly- Cutie Pie Cottage said...

I love those planters! The colors are just so sweet. Here's a funny story: Many moves ago, I used to have 2 of those baby bottie planters and I was contemplating using them for cake decorations for a baby shower I was hosting. One day, the girl having the baby just happened to off -handedly mention that she hated those baby shoe decorations- that they reminded her of dead babies! Ha! I'm sooooo glad I didn't use those planters! ☺ Isn't it funny how differently we can all see things?

No need for a give away, Kim! The beauty your blog provides is all the prize we need! ♥

Melinda said...

Hi Kim...the planters are cute!! I saw one very similar to the first pic at the Thrift Store a few days ago with a little lamb with it and never thought to pick it up! But seeing it here, its adorable!

Nanette said...

Your planters are so sweet. Okay after seeing yours a few weeks ago I did pick up a couple in a thrift store. One of mine looks like a little train engine and the other a little baby buggy. They are sweet!

Stephenie said...

All I can say is, "I love those pretty little planters!" I especially love the one shaped like a dress...They are all so cute..

Christie said...

Hey Kim!
Those planters are adorable! I found a blue bassinett one a few weeks ago that plays music too...
your Teacup Tuesday post is gorgeous... you've got a great collection of teacups and china!
The Etsy Treasures are cute as pie too! I enjoyed seeing all of your treasures...I've missed you too!
Hope you have a wonderful weekend!
Big Hug,

Katie said...

Hi Kim! Love the planters. I've collected some Spring themed ones recently! They are so cute! Hop on over to my blog, you'll be glad you did!

Lori said...

Hi Kim, Thanks for visiting! I too adore my baby planters! I have one that is just sort of baby buggies, many Lefton pieces with roses. I allso have a general baby planter collecton that I put out with my baby cards, vintage ones! I don't have them out currently but will pull them out after Easter. I understand sowell about running out of room! Happy collecting, later,Lori