Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Teacup Tuesday - Week 10

Hello my friends and Happy Teacup Tuesday to all of my visitors.

I hope you all had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend. My weekend was fabulous. The weather here in Minnesota was perfect for the long holiday weekend with sunny skies, light breezes and temps in the mid seventies. I was able to spend quite a bit of the weekend visiting with my Mom, my sisters and my nieces and nephew which is something I always enjoy getting to do. It was also the perfect time to test out my new bed as I was able to sleep in each day and so far so good. The new bed seems to be helping with my back as it's been easier for me to get up in the morning and start moving around without any back pain. I hope this is a good sign and that the problems with my back will improve even more as time goes by.

For "Teacup Tuesday", this week I am sharing a lovely teacup that has a rose and blue floral pattern. The marking on the to bottom of this teacup indicates that the teacup was made in England by the Gladstone Bone China company.

This teacup is actually one that I no longer use for the reason that it has a chip along the top edge of teacup and I have always read that for sanitary reasons, it is not a good thing to use any sort of china for serving food or beverages if the china is cracked or chipped. Even though it is no longer used for its intended purpose, it still looks lovely displayed alongside all of my other china so I will never part with it.

Now, for something extra special.....

Katie from Rose Breeze Boutique , who for the past several weeks has joined me for Teacup Tuesdays, is doing a special giveaway on her blog. Katie makes and sells these wonderful little paper teacups that are filled with rose shaped teabags. They are just the sweetest thing to keep for oneself or to give away as little gifts or to use for party favors. Katie is giving away one of these sweet little paper teacups to the lucky winner of her drawing which will be held on Friday. Stop by Katie's blog before then to enter her drawing. Good luck to all of you.

In addition to Katie, these lovely ladies are also joining me for Teacup Tuesday this week and they would love to have you stop by and visit thier blogs to see the teacups they have chosen to share with us today:

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Katie said...

Happy Teacup Tuesday! Love this cup, such a nice smattering of all different colors!

Glad you see a difference in your back. We sleep on a water bed and my lower back started hurting a lot. We had not filled the bed for a long time, it is so gradual of a loss of water I didn't think of that. Once we filled it the back pain stopped!

Well I sure hope to get lots of entries for the Teacup giveaway! Come on over to my blog ladies!

The Pink Rose Cottage said...

Another lovely teacup! How many do you have in your collection?

debi said...

I'm glad to hear that your new bed is working out. It's no fun to wake in the morning with a back ache!
Your teacup is beautiful!! What a pretty pattern.

Lori said...

Hello sweet KIM!!
Thank you for the kind comment you left me, it cheered me so! Love the new beddie! Wish I had a canopy! One day! have you thought of repainting your dresser? Maybe taking of the mirror and adding a vintage one above? I had a similar dresser and wished I had done this. Well take care dear, love,Lori

Holly- Cutie Pie Cottage said...

Hi, Kim! Here I am coming by for my feminine fix! My house seems very manly lately...

I just love seeing your tea cups and then all the pretties in the side bar, too. And then of course there's the touch of cuteness with Mr. ducky! ☺
Thanks for blogging Kim! ♥

Stephenie said...

Another fabulous teacup!!! Love the floral design on this one...
I just love those paper teacups...They really would be so cuter for party favors....