Friday, May 1, 2009

What's on top of your refrigerator?

Hello my sweet friends.

Ask me if I'm crazy, but don't be surprised if I say YES..... LOL

I'm feeling a little bit like I've been stuck in a rut the past few weeks and other than my "Teacup Tuesday" posts, I'm having a hard time coming up with some new and fun things to blog about. So being the crazy girl I am, I thought I would snap a few pictures of some of the things I have on top of my refrigerator and share them with all with you.

See that pretty teapot that now holds a bouquet of flowers? Sadly, it's missing it's lid. In all of the years that I have collected teapots and teacups and other bits and pieces of china, only once has something been broken and that one thing was the lid to this teapot. It happened in the most ordinary way. I had used the teapot to make a pot of tea and as I was washing the lid to the teapot, I dropped it in sink and it shattered into a hundred little pieces... SOB!!!

How sad is it that I almost started crying when it happened? Maybe not so sad when I tell you that I feel like these teapots of mine are almost like friends because they bring so much comfort and joy into my life and to have one break like it did was almost like having my heart broken a little bit.

There's that crazy part of me coming out again. Maybe this love of collecting I have really is a sickness and maybe I really need some help. What do you think??

Now, just because I feel like it and because I'm feeling a little generous today, I think it's time to have my first giveaway. See the pretty little red and white saucer below. It is stamped with Spodes "Camilla" Copland England on the bottom. I have a two extras that never get used and are for the most part kept tucked away in my china hutch. I think that it's time that they come out and find a new home where someone new can appreciate them too.

Sooooooo..... this is how it will work. The third and seventh person to leave me a comment on this post will each receive one of these sweet little saucers as a special little gift from me as my way of saying thank you for visiting my blog.

Good luck my lovely friends...

Have a great weekend!!!


Coloradolady said...

Lovely things you have on display on your blog. I may be too early for hitting the comments correctly, but I had to send a comment and say I had a grand time tonight on your blog.

Nanette said...

Your teapot is lovely and I am so glad you were able to find another way to display it. I love the top of your fridge. Mine has never been that pretty. I think I may change that!

fitty's pinky rose cottage said...

Hi Kim.. I am drooling at your pretty china! you always have so many beautiful china and I also love how you display all your plates! talking about top of your fridge.. welp.. mine has nothing on it.. except a runner..

have a good weekend!

Kris said...

Kim, your frige top is beautiful. I wouldn't dare show the top of mine right now. It is not even close to being as pretty as yours. How sad you broke the lid to the teapot, but it does look so sweet with the flowers inside, as if it was meant to be used for that purpose.

Have a happy day

Katie said...

Well I don't think you're crazy! I broke a family heirloom teacup almost 30 years ago and I still feel terrible about it. And still miss that teacup!

Let's see, on top of my fridge I have a bouquet of dried pink roses in a two blue pottery vases my daughter made, an amethyst crystal "blob" with a hole drilled into it that holds a tea candle.

Come on over for Pink Saturday!

Holly- Cutie Pie Cottage said...

Hi, Kim! No you're not crazy and of course your tea pots are your friends. ☺

I did a top of the fridge post once, too but mine's mre country. ♥

Stephenie said...

The top of your frige looks so pretty...I always have such a hard time decorating the tops of cupboards and the fridge...Love the plates and that teapot is just so sweet...

Sandi said...

Hi Kim,
Pretty teapots and teacups. I should have known you way back before I sold most of mine. I actually used to keep a journal of my numbered(yes I put a number on the bottom of each one) teacups and teapots and wrote down who they came from etc.

I have white baskets on the top of my fridge. Although I don't have cupboards behind mine and I wish I did. I need more storage!! LOL

fitty's pinky rose cottage said...

Hi Kim..

thank you for the giveaway gift.. I can hardly wait to see the saucer.. hehehehe.. Thank you so much.. have a great day! take care..