Thursday, August 19, 2010

Tiny Treasures..........

When you're a girl like me living on a fairly tight budget, but still can't stay out of the antique shops or give up on your quest to hunt down some new little treasures, you must learn to shop within your means and hunt up little treasures that won't leave too big of a hole in the wallet.

That's why, whenever I've felt the need to do some treasure hunting, but knew I didn't have much money to spend at the time, I could still enjoy my favorite past time and browse the antique shops looking for just small little items that may only cost a few dollars a piece.

Besides my extensive and ever growing collection of vintage crocheted potholders that can usually be found for anywhere around $3.00 to $5.00 each, I also love to collect pretty vintage and maybe not so vintage postcards and calling cards.

The colors and graphics can be so amazing at times.

Finding these pretty little treasures at very little cost allows me to still satisfy my craving for treasure hunting without breaking the bank.

Tucked in a little wicker basket and set on my coffee table, I can reach for the basket at anytime and sift through all the pretty cards inside.

What little treasures do you keep within easy reach that you can sit and admire each day?


Cottage Rose said...

Hello your white basket and a great idea of putting your pretty cards in them to enjoy all the time..... I love to collect hankies,,, I put mine in a vintage bowl,,,,I love to hunt for them...


Crystal Rose Cottage said...

Hi Kim....That's what I do when I go to antiquing...look for the fantastic little inexpensive treasures that cost a few dollars. Your cards are the perfect thing to display in your basket!~Hugs, Patti

Neabear said...

Those little cards are so pretty! A nice way to keep them out too. Hmm...I may need to think about trying something like that too. I will have to start writing down all the ideas I see otherwise I will forget what I saw where.

Have a great weekend!



Hi Kim,
Very sweet calling cards :) I love to look at my decorating books that I have found at thrift stores for next to nothing and DREAM!!!
I think I went to the Wren's nest last month. It was very pretty and your tags are too.
Kind of humid today...keep cool!
Deb :)

shabby*vintage*dreams said...

Kim, Im loving all your treasures!!! Super Cute and lovely!!

Lori said...

Hi Kim,
My sentiments exactly! i have found more great goodies when I have less on me! My inexpensive treasurers/weaknesses are like you pot holders, but also vintage cards and my strong desire for more and more hankies!!! One can never have enough!! Lori

Jean Tuthill said...

The basket and the beautiful cards are so nice. What a great idea to have them out so you can enjoy them every day!

{Bellamere Cottage} said...

That's a great solution to the "Need To Shop" dilemma.... I LOVE vintage cards too...and often they're only a dollar or two. :-) I love hanging out at the Goodwill or Salvation Army too. I've found countless treats there.

Warm blessings,