Friday, September 17, 2010

Junk Bonanza...

What a fun day a friend and I had today.

I have the privilege of living in the northern suburbs of Minneapolis Minnesota, less than an hours drive where a wonderful event is taking place this Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

That event is called "Junk Bonanza", an amazing gathering of vendors displaying and selling their antique wares and handcrafted items. My friend and I spent the morning wondering through the building and checking out all of the different booths where an amazing assortment of goodies was just waiting to be found.

We discovered several booths where the dealers were selling beautiful jewelry, including chains and charms that could be purchased separately and then the dealers would put them together for you using their tools of the trade.

I bought for myself what they referred to as a bubble charm which has both a front and back bubble piece in which is enclosed a graphic script with my initial "K' in black. Each size of the charm has a different type of script. I also purchased the chain as well and had it turned into a necklace.

This is one side of the charm...

And this is the other side ....

The charm itself is about the size of a quarter in diameter and I'd say approximately half an inch in depth. It will be fun now for me to search for small little charms that can be added to the necklace.

Another item I purchased what this pretty little altered bottle. The crocheted doily is not new. This I already had. I just used it as the background in this case.

I also found some vintage and maybe not so vintage paper packs that I someday hope to use in creating altered art pieces.

I'm terrible aren't I? I keep saying someday for all the crafting things I want to try and do. I'm hoping that come winter when I'm stuck indoors, that I'll finally be able to focus more and put some of my words and thoughts into action and get creating for real instead of just dreaming and talking about it.

I saw so many other wonderful things at the Junk Bonanza that I would have loved to have purchased, but sadly, a few of those things would have eaten my spending money up in to time at all. After I got home today though, I kept thinking that maybe I should go back again tomorrow and see if I can find a few more treasures to bring home, using my already allotted Junk Bonanza spending money that I didn't spend today. While I loved having my friend with me today as we shopped together, each of us has very different tastes in the things we like to collect and our styles of decorating, so I felt a bit guilty lingering in booths and over tables that had items that appealed to me and not so much to her. Because of that, I went through them a bit more quickly than I would have liked so as not to bore her. I definitely find that I am more of a lone shopper when it comes to my antiquing and treasure hunting. I like to be able to take my time lingering over all the items I wish to pursue and not have to worry about another person. Being able to go again, just by myself next time, would give me more time to look at more of the kinds of things I like.

Guess I'll have to think about it tonight and decide if I should go again tommorow, all by myself this time.

Would you go again if you had the chance?


Anonymous said...

Yes! I have to look at an area 2, 3 times to fully take everything in. Go have fun and spend your already-alloted money :)


Hi Kim,
YES..go again! Maybe there will be some "deals"...
I went on Thursday and was there 5 hours and of course didn't see everything!
deb :)

Pat said...

Yes, I think you should go back again by yourself. I love to shop alone, because I like to look at everything, and take my time looking. Have a great shopping day!

Renegades said...

Cool necklace.

Anonymous said...

What wonderful treasures! I really like the bubble charms!

Holly- Cutie Pie Cottage said...

I like buble charms! Glad you came home with a little something.

Although shopping with friends "sounds" fun, I'm a lone shopper, too!

I'd only go back if theirs something that keeps haunting you for not buying it! ♥

Unknown said...

Hi Kim!
Those goodies are darling! Reading your fun post makes me wish I lived closer! Would have LOVED that event!


Vicki said...

Hi, Kim,
The sales event sounds wonderful!! I love the charm necklace you purchased and also the pretty vintage bottle. You will have fun creating with the paper packets, too. I say go back if you have the opportunity to look some more at your own leisure. Enjoy your weekend, dear friend~ Vicki

Nanette said...

Hi Kim,
Your treasures are wonderful! I believe I would go again. You kind of know what you might like to look at a little longer now too. I hope you did go and have some more fun!