Saturday, December 4, 2010

In Between Christmas Shopping ............

In between work, doing my Christmas shopping, cleaning and whatever else I may have on my "To Do" list, I've been creating some more embellished tags.

I have found some wonderful free images and other ephemera on the Internet that are great for using for my tags. Just copy the images onto your computer and print them out on white card stock paper and you're ready to go..

I still need to punch holes in these and add some ribbon, but other than that, they are completed.

I even managed to step outside my pretty pastel comfort zone and create a tag using a black and white image and some heavy textured card stock paper in black and beige that suited the image very well.

And of course, we must not forget to add some lace and roses too......

Once completed and left to sit overnight, this last tag chose to do something I wasn't quite expecting and that was it ended up curling just a bit so it no longer lays flat. Now it has a very noticeable curve to it (not quite sure if you can really see that in the photo below). I'm sure this happened due the weight of the card stock I used on one side of the tag and when glue was added and then dried, the weight if it caused it to curl.

If I try to make a similar tag in the future, I will have to add some weights to it until the glue completely dries and see if that will prevent the curling up of the tag.

Well, I must get ready to leave soon. I am off to watch my niece play basketball this afternoon. Thank goodness the snow we got here yesterday has ended so the roads are once again in drivable condition.

Enjoy your weekend and let your creativity flow just like I have been...


ShabbyESP said...

They are so sweet!!! I made a tag and it curled like that too.
But yours are beautiful!



Hi Kim,
Isn't pretty outside :) I'm glad the snow is done, for now! Of course the COLD is coming!
I love the black tone tag! Sometimes my tags curl because I didn't use a heavy background paper..
Enjoy your weekend!
deb :)

debi said...

You're getting to be quite the tag pro! You've created some really beautiful tags!