Sunday, November 28, 2010


I love the holidays and buying gifts for others, but right now, like in years past, I am going through a bit of withdrawal as I've been staying away from my favorite antique shops until I get all my Christmas shopping done...

Seems like it's been forever since I've allowed myself the pleasure of wondering through the antique shops looking for some new pretties to bring home with me. Christmas shopping is almost done though thank goodness, so in a week or two, once the bank account as had a chance to recover a wee bit, I'll be rushing to my favorite shops to see what can be found.

Until then, I'll just sit back, relax and enjoy some of the beautiful treasures I already have.

Hope you are all having a great post Thanksgiving weekend and that you're getting some things checked off your Christmas lists too.

See you soon !!


A Southern Rose said...

That sounds just like me! I've had to quit going to the thrift stores and buying things for myself. I did stop at one on my lunch break the other day though...shhhh. lol From now on I'm only shopping for Christmas gifts. I love all of your pretty things.


Hi Kim,
NICE new Wheels!!!
I sure understand about not treating yourself...I hope to get more shopping done after the sale at all the other Christmas things that I want to do! Like Cards!!!
Wasn't today nice!!
Have a great week.
deb :)

Denise said...

Your post has discribed exactly whats going on with me too.It's hard not to buy for myself when I know at this time a year some real pretties show up in my special shops.Most of my family just wouldn't get it if I bought these things for them.

Debbi said...

yep, it is like sticking a knife in my back LOL! But you know, my fave fabric website had a rare sale this weekend, so I snuck in and bought some:o)

Unknown said...

I know how you feel Kim! I'm chomping at the bit right now, ready to go treasure hunting!

My Vintage Studio said...

I enjoy looking in on your blog for all the great photos of vintage finds and pretties.

Nice new car!

Wishing you a wonderful week!

Pink Roses and Teacups said...

Hi Kim,

Yes, I know what you mean about buying pretties for ourselves. Love that little shelf, and my favorite is the pretty can. Your tags are coming along great!


Holly- Cutie Pie Cottage said...

I went to the antique mall the other day for the first time since moving to the farm! It was sooo fun! I only bought 2 ornaments and a vintage kitty card. Is that restraint or what? believe mw, I saw LOTS of things I would have liked to add to the basket! ♥

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