Saturday, March 19, 2011

Happiness And Heartbreak ......

Hi Girls...

I hope you are enjoying your weekend so far. My weekend has been going great, except for one little heartbroken moment which I will explain shortly.

I headed out early today to make an hour and a half drive down to the lovely town of Red Wing, Minnesota where they have some awesome antique malls located in an old pottery factory. The old factory is a huge building which currently houses some smaller specialty shops as well as four separate antique shops. Two of them are quite large and a person could spend hours and hours browsing through them looking at all the goodies for sale. The other two are a smaller in size but are fun to browse just the same. It's a one stop shopping experience right up my alley.

I found several great things today which made the long drive worth while.

First up is the "happiness" part of this post. I found this lovely china gravy boat that I couldn't resist. It was a great price too at less than $10.00 ....

Not surprisingly, it has some very pretty roses on it .......

Now for the "heartbreak" part of this post. I found a very cute "Pin Money" bank to add to my small collection, but before I even made it into the house after I returned home, I accidentally dropped the bag it was in and I could hear the sound of breaking china as it hit the garage floor. They had wrapped it in some newspaper at the antique mall and this is what I saw when I unwrapped it after getting inside the house.

I felt a bit like crying over this little tragedy, but I guess I can count myself lucky in the fact that I didn't pay too much for it. It had a few minor cracks already on the backside that decreased its value and it only cost me $5.00, but I still feel pretty bad about it as it was so pretty, even with its minor flaws. It would have made for a great display piece as those little flaws it originally had were weren't visable from the front. Now, it's another story and this sadly had to go in the trash..

I found a few more things on my trip today that I will share with you in another post.

Until then, keep on enjoying your weekend.


Renegades said...

What a pretty gravy boat. I'm partial to roses too.

debi said...

Oh, the heartbreak! Your pin money bank was so pretty...what a shame!

I love your gravy boat, that's really beautiful!

Unknown said...

Oy! I would be near tears, too. Love the gravy boat ...

Have a beautiful week ~

ShabbyESP said...

I would be in tears too!!!
There just is no way to put it back together?
I hope you can find another one :(
The gravy boat is so sweet I have one almost like it.
Enjoy your weekend!
Suzann ~xoxo~

Holly- Cutie Pie Cottage said...

Oh dear! I had a similar experience but I didn't drive as far as you did for my broken treasure! Well, if you were one of those china mosaic ladies, you could save those little flowers because they are sooo cute!

At least you can look long and hard at that delish gravy boat! Score for Kim on that one! ♥

Amisha said...

Hi Kim!
I love your finds and it is sad about the pin money beauty breaking.
But might I make a suggestion? Maybe you could have the lovely lady at turn it into jewelry for you?

The Pink Rose Cottage said...

I was going to post the same thing. Get a hold of Joy from Cupids Charms and see what she can salvage for you. I have a lot of her jewelry and her work is tops!

I love the gravy boat too. I like the little lacy detail in the pottery along with the roses. Totally charming!