Sunday, December 9, 2012

My Box Of Scrappy Goodness.....

Hi Girls....

Would you like to see my box of scrappy goodness?

My scrappy goodness is stored in a pretty rose patterned decorative box..

Which when opened up reveals and eyeful of goodness...

It's fun to dig through the my stash to find different bits and pieces that will work well with the current project I am working on..

Most of the pieces were originally part of multi-packs, each of which held many different embellishment pieces. Sometimes, up to 40 small pieces like these two packs below have.

It makes me happy when I open the box and see all the fun stuff inside.

I purchase most of my scrappy embellishments when they are on sale at Joann's or Michael's for 30-40% off.  Lots of goodness for not very much money.

Do you have a stash of scrappy goodness like mine?



Morning Kim!!!
I'm staying inside today! Isn't the snow beautiful!
Very nice "scraps" in the pretty box.
I LOVE your recipe box make over! Very nice job!
Happy Sunday!

GardenOfDaisies said...

Hi Kim, just look at all those gorgeous bits and pieces! And the box is as pretty as what's inside. :-) I do keep a small stash, because when the creative bugs hits, you don't want to have to go to the store first, just to get the basic supplies that you need.

Rose Garden Romantic said...

Hi Kim! It's all so pretty! What a lovely collection of goodies to create with!