Sunday, August 16, 2009

Playing With Purple...

On a cloudy, gloomy and wet Sunday afternoon, I decided to snap a few pictures of my very small, but pretty collection of purple that I have displayed on a wicker stand in a corner of my living room. Besides the purple, the color green featured here is almost the same color as m sofa and chair so they all look very nice together.

This first picture features a large plate that I've shown before which features a gorgeous pattern of yellow roses, green and of course shades of purple. There is also a small berry dish in not quite the same pattern, but the colors are very similar.

And don't you just love these lady head vases? This one I've had for some time, but it is not an antique or even vintage. I found this very inexpensive head vase a few years ago in a local gift shop. Instead of having flowers in the vase at the moment, I've just placed a purple crocheted doily in the vase, to hide the gaping hole. Poor lady... little did she know that I would end up just stuffing her with yarn instead of filling her head up with some pretty flowers... LOL..

And sitting next to the lady head vase is another smaller lady, this one whom is wearing a hat that is actually a small trinket box. She looks a little blurry as it was hard to get my camera to focus clearly on her face due to her small size, but you can see that she too is made of purple in her dress and green in her hat.

And of course, this also gives me the opportunity to show off some of my collection of different colored doilies. My purple ones are featured here today.

I've been trying to add more purple to this collection and it's been a slow process finding things I like, so for now, this small collection is all I have. It will grow over time I'm sure. Probably not as fast as my collections of pink, yellow and blue, but it will happen, that I can guarantee.

Enjoy the rest of you weekend ladies and I'll be back again on Tuesday with more teacups !!


Mary said...

I love purple and lavender, and have more teacups and teapot to show on TT. Wouldn't surprise me if we have the same ones! Beautiful plates,lavender with yellow are one of my favorite combinations, and very pretty "ladies"... and love the doilie! Hope your Sunday is going great!


fitty's pinky rose cottage said...

Hi Kim, even with doilies on their heads, they still look lovely.. the doilies look like a lovely hat on them.. hehehe

have a great week!

debi said...

Kim, I love your purple collection, it's sooo pretty. Love the lady head vases...and I love the idea of the doily instead of flowers. I just 'borrowed' the idea from you.
Hugs, Debi

Holly- Cutie Pie Cottage said...

Well we certainly can't ignore Purple and all her shades- can we? I have one Purple doily, too. Some people consider me a Pink girl but really I'm all about any color! ♥

julia said...

I have quite a bit of purple in my house too. My kitchen is green (kind of teal actually) with a hand painted boarder of purple (kind of like the blossoms on a butterfly bush). I don't think you can go wrong using purple, green, and yellow in any combination.

Vicki said...

Hello, Kim,
Your collection of purple is coming along quite well. I love them all, but I believe my favorite is the plate with yellow roses with shades of purple and green. Thanks for visiting me at Bunny Cottage. Have a good week. Vicki

Unknown said...

I love purple too :) What a wonderful collection! I love the headvases too!

Lori said...

Love the doilies! I have stopped
myself from collecting head vases! It has been such a temptation! Looks so pretty! Lori