Thursday, May 17, 2012

Pretty Mail.......

Hi Girls....

I've been so busy the past several weeks with work.  It's been mandatory overtime pretty much all month and it's quite exhausting mentally some days.

I've never been one who enjoys working overtime but I must admit the extra money on the paycheck does make up for it in the end.

While I know I could use it for more important and practical things, I'd much rather use that extra pocket money to splurge on something impractical and fun.

Like this..

A pretty pack of vintage ephemera/papers to use in my crafting project that I purchased on Etsy.  They just arrived in the mail today.  A nice treat to come home from work to.

Along with those, I also purchased a pack of vintage wallpaper scraps.

I'm becoming a bit obsessed with vintage papers lately and I have so many ideas swimming in my head of things I'd like to create using these papers.  Ideas I often see featured in one of my favorite magazines.  The always beautiful and inspiring Somerset Life...

It's a bit expensive, but it's more like a book than a magazine and it's only published four times a year, so it's worth the cost in my opinion and I feel no guilt when I purchase the latest edition to add to my expanding collection of the magazine. I'll keep these for years knowing I'll be referring back to them over and over again.

Well, that's all for now.  See you again soon!!

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