Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Goodwill Find....

Hi Girls...

I'm a bit slow in getting around to showing this to you, but I just wanted to share with you a great find I came across at my local Goodwill store the weekend before last that's gone a long way in helping me organize and tidy up my craft room.

I've been wanting to get a bookcase that would fit under my window that is within arms reach of my crafting table, and while it isn't exactly the bookcase of my dreams, I did find this great open 3 tier bookshelf that was in great condition for just a mere $7.00.

It fits the space perfectly and now it holds lots of my crafting stuff that had previously been on the floor.  Yeah for me!!!

A smaller little table I had previously sits right next to it with some more of my goodies stashed on it...

My new bookcase will work great for now until I find the one of my dreams. 

Gotta love those Goodwill stores that's for sure..

See you soon!!



Hi Kim,
It is just perfect indeed! I'm on the hunt for a small dresser or cabinet for the dining room to store linens and such. Love a great deal.
Had hail last night and too much rain. Just a little in the well room.
Keep Cool!

Holly- Cutie Pie Cottage said...

Yay for you for sure! The spindly design is one of my favorties. I never find cute shelves like yours. They're either particle board junk or real chunky and painted black or something! well, except for my shabby book case. THAT was a find but I use it as a hutch.

My dream shevles would be TALL, light and pretty!

Anne said...

Hi Kim, what a great find and you surely can't beat the price. I've recently found your blog and became a follower.