Saturday, November 3, 2012

Saturday Crafting....

Hi Girls...

I have seriously been lacking in creativity these past few weeks, but I did get a quick burst of creativity today so I dug into some of my goodies and altered a vintage photo mat frame.

You could say that I shabbied it up a bit to make it a bit more girly.

Hopefully I didn't go too overboard on the embellishments, but I like how it turned out...

I've been trying really hard to use the good stuff in my projects instead of hoarding it like I sometimes tend to do. It sure is hard sometimes though.

And those tattered bits of floral paper I used... well that is actually wallpaper.  I found two huge rolls of it at the thrift store a few years ago for super cheap, like $3.00 a roll or something and I love it.  It has that vintage/shabby chic look that I love and its perfect for incorporating into my craft projects.

Well, I hope you are all having wonderful weekend so far.

See you again soon!!

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Hi Kim,
It looks perfect! Just the right amount of embellishments! It's HARD to use the "good stuff"...I hoard it too! Good for you for using it!
Have a great week! Thanksgiving is just around the corner! Yikes!