Saturday, October 3, 2009

Something Pretty and Rosey....

Hey Girls.... Happy Saturday to all of you.

Sorry if I've been somewhat of a blog slacker lately, other than with "Tea Things Tuesday". I think I am going through one of those periodic phases of having bloggers block and not being able to come up with new things to blog about and just plain not having any motivation.

While I may not be posting nearly everyday like some of my fellow bloggers do, I never stay away too long and I'm here today to share a little something pretty with all of you.

I have tried and tried for some time to get a really good picture of this beautiful little china dish, but for some reason, no matter how hard I tried and no matter how many adjustments I made to my camera, I could never get a clear enough picture of it that really showed the details of the floral pattern. Don't ask me why today was any different, but my camera finally decided to be nice to me and I finally got a good and clear picture that is worthy of posting on my blog. Who would have imagined how much of a struggle it would just to get a decent picture of a piece of china??

This little dish did not have a lid to it when I found it in an antique shop, but because of it's fairly small size, I'm thinking that it may be a sugar dish. I could be totally mistake, but whatever it may be, I just love it. The roses are just so pretty and the shape if it is great too.

Well, that's all I have to share today. I'll be back again on Tuesday for sure with more Tea things to share. I'm so excited as our number of participants is starting to grow and there will be lots of pretty things to see. Don't forget to come back on Tuesday to check them out.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend !!


If any of you out there reading this are familiar with "Mr. Linky" and how to get it set up in a blog post to use for events similar to my "Tea Things Tuesday", so that participants can add their own blog links to my post, I'd appreciate some help and advise. Getting some guidance from someone who's used "Mr. Linky" before would be a lot easier than me trying to figure it out on my own.



Sandi said...

Hi Kim,
I think bloggers block is going around. I seem to have it myself as well.

Your dish is very pretty and I am glad your camera cooperated this time. Somedays I take 14 pictures of the same item to choose ONE good pix~
Hope you have a wonderful evening!

Crystal Rose Cottage said...

Hi Kim....We all have problems with finding things to blog about. I have a terrible time trying to think of something that won't be boring. Anyways, love your very pretty dish! I can see the detail pretty well so I know you wanted to be able to show it. I also don't know anything about Mr. Linky so that is why I can't follow along on some of the subjects out there. Very frustrating! Have a great weekend!~Patti

Mary said...

That is a beautiful dish, Kim...I love those pink roses! I've had to cut back on posting as well, but I did find that posting without taking pictures helped me get it done faster and more often. When I take pictures, it can just take so much time to get them correctly working with the can drive me batty. Anyway, love your dish!


debi said...

Kim, I love that little dish. It has such a pretty shape and beautiful raised detail. And of course, LOVE the roses! tfs
Hugs, Debi

p.s. Some days there just isn't anything to blog about...we all know how that goes. Keep up the good work!

Holly- Cutie Pie Cottage said...

Oh so pretty, Kim! Glad you kept trying. I can relate to the photos woes. I think lighting is the culprit! It has to be just right for some details to show up clearly!

I think I don't run out of blogging topics as easily because I don't have any 3 D girls in my life to share with! You all are my sisters, neighbors, and mom! ♥

Karen said...

I totally understand the "hard to photograph" part. too much glare, too sunny, too dark, reflection of the flash. You just happened upon all the perfect conditions this time! It turned out beautifully! What a pretty little piece. Love the detail!
Thanks for sharing! HAGD!

June said...

Hi Kim,
That's a great picture of a beautiful piece of china. Love it!!!

Melissa/Piney Rose said...

I too have had blogger's block - sometimes I'm afraid I'm not interesting, and then I'm afraid if I don't post something, the followers that I have will lose interest....oh well, thank goodness for life's little highlights. Love the sweet little rose dish!

Ceekay-THINKIN of HOME said...

Hey Kim...I have a TTT post ready. Hope I can still make the list!

{oc cottage} said...

Hi there...
I have never used it myself, but it seems that A LOT more people are using
it seems to be much less persnickity!
Good luck!

m ^..^

Christie said...

Hey Kim,
The China Dish is so pretty...and as always, I love seeing the Tea Things Tuesday's posts too, and those porclain girls are have such a cute collection of those. I am gonna join you in your Tea Things Tuesdays one of these days in the future. I hope you are having a relaxing eveing...
Big Hugs,

Rita said...

Hello Shabby Kim,
by various blogs I finally reached this lovely blog of yours.
I adore your tea sets and the creativeness you put in arranging them. Love anything vintage with floral (roses) design nd your china is superb.
In between one comment you reply to and another, please do find the time to visit my blog @
I love linens, antiques, roses, home decor, and, of course, china.
Hope to hear from you soon
Rita from sunny Italy