Wednesday, April 18, 2012

More Altered Bingo Cards ....

Hi Girls,

Happy Wednesday..  I'm super excited because today is my Friday as I have Thursday and Friday off for vacation days.  I'm just about ready to head off to work, but before I do, I wanted to stop in to say Hi and to share with you a few more of my crafty creations.

The latest being these two simple altered Bingo cards that I made..

And as you can see, I've recently jumped on the "Glitter" bandwagon and have started using some glitter glues in my projects.  A new obsession maybe ???

It definitely adds a little sparkle to them that's for sure.

I've also just about completed another little item using some regular loose glitter but I'm not quite sure I like using that quite as much.  If you've ever used it yourself, you know that it tends to be a bit messy and leaves glitter everywhere.  I'll just have to keep trying different things with it though to see if I find myself liking it any more or if maybe I should just stick to the glitter glues. 

Anyways... thanks for stopping by today.  Come back and visit again soon..

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