Friday, April 20, 2012

Shabby Birds.....

Hi Girls..

I have birds flying in my house.  Well, not really, but sort of.  My birds aren't real and they don't make any noise and they don't make a mess.  Unless you count a bit of glitter falling from them as being a mess.

I recently picked up several packs of these bird shaped chipboard pieces that come in packs of four.  You can find them in the $1.50 bins at Michael's.

And I turned them into these. 

The one above is where I first used the loose glitter I told you about in my last post.  It made quite a mess and if you look real close, you can see some spots along the edge where the glitter has already rubbed off.   For the one below, I used the glitter glue and I think it worked much better.  No mess at all..

Pretty sweet I must say and I'm going to be making a bunch more.

One little thing I goofed on with these first two I made is that I actually wanted the head of the bird to be on the left not on the right when you are looking at the side of the bird that has the pretty scrapbook paper on it.  I thought I had it all figured out in my head when I started these thinking I knew which way to put the paper on, but of course, I goofed and did it backwards.  Duh!!  I mean, how hard can it be.  Apparently, for me, very hard.  Not that it makes a huge difference though as it would look great either way.

For the next ones though, I marked the unfinished chipboard pieces with a little handwritten note telling me which side to put the pretty paper on..

Hopefully, that helps..  I'll let you know for sure when I get them done.

See you soon.

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