Saturday, April 14, 2012

Wooden Tags Turned Pretty....

Hi Girls..

I hope you're not tired of seeing all of my craft projects I've been making, because I'm back once again to share a few more with you.

These are some pretty altered wooden tags I made which started out as just plain wood shaped tags. They come in a set of five and are intended to be used to create a mini album, but I thought it would be more fun this time to make individual little pieces of art with them. 

I used lots of pale and shabby colors on all of these.  My most favorite kind to use..

I'll do a little bit of bragging once again as I must say, these turned out pretty good and I just love the look of them. 

That may seem kind of funny coming from me, the girl who just a year or two ago was so afraid of jumping on the crafting bandwagon, but once I got over my initial hesitation as to what I could create and how those creations would turn out, I have to say, I even surprised myself.

For those of you out there who may be feeling a bit of that same fear and/or hesitation, please don't let that stop you from trying.  There are so many things you can make that don't necessarily take a lot of extraordinary talent.

Some pretty papers, pretty embellishments, a bit of paint or glue and a good eye for detail is all you need.  Just let your imagination run wild.

Enjoy the weekend !!!

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Lynne Moncrieff said...

Hi Kim
These are positively delightful.