Thursday, April 26, 2012

I Love Michael's .....

Have I mentioned before just how much I love Michael's craft stores??

I can't seem to go more than one week without having to go in and check out their latest products.

When I stopped in recently with the intent of using my 40% of coupon, I was thrilled to find another rubber stamp to add to my growing collection.  This one isn't a dress form stamp, but it sure is awful pretty..

I can't wait to create something pretty with it. 

For all you lovers of everything French and Paris inspired, this is definitely something you'll have to try and find for yourself.  You'd best hurry though as I have a feeling they won't last long.

Now,  I wonder what goodies I'll find at Michael's the next time I stop in...

Only time will tell.



Hi Kim,
Nice stamp! I love Michael's too and try to stay out of that adds up quickly.

The Pink Rose Cottage said...

I love Michael's too! And I don't even craft or create! LOL

Can't wait to see what you do with your pretty new stamp Kim!


Reyes ♥El telar de mi abuela♥ said...

Saludos desde Canarias.

preeti said...

I too love michaels store because of the crafty products they have and also saved $20 by using michaels arts and crafts coupons.May be i think you should try their crafty products.

Carol said...

I would love to see some good close up pictures of your potholders. I crochet and I love making vintage potholders. You have some unique ones that I have not found patterns for. If I have a good picture to look at, I can copy them.