Saturday, July 14, 2012

Quick And Easy ........

Hey Girls..

Don't you just love when you can whip something pretty up very quickly and easily?

I did just that today making this pretty little tag using some of those leftover paper scraps that I'm realizing I have way too many of as well as an image of a beautiful Victorian lady that I cut out with my super dandy Martha Stewart craft knife.. 

Realizing just how many of those small paper scraps I have, I'm really going to try harder over the next few months to try and use up as many of them as I can, especially the larger scraps, before I start cutting into a new sheet of scrapbook paper.  Whether I'll be able to do that or not remains to be seen.

Well, that's all for today.  See you again soon !!!

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Hi Kim,
Thanks for visiting my creative space!! Good news, the kidney stone passed last night! Thankful and feeling much better!
I put my scraps into a bag and then donate them to my grandgirl's school!
Your tag is sweet as ever!
Keep Cool!